Friday, April 20, 2012


   Let’s bring back the wonderful, cultural and linguistic beauty of this area.

   The area name known as Iraq is the old Babylon and was the birthplace of great things, some call it the cradle of civilization. 

   This area saw the invention of the wheel, algebra, private property and the banking system to name a few.

   Unfortunately, it was under the clutches of a crazy mad man for about twenty years.

List of saddam's crimes:

-was a known assassin who did deeds for the Batth party.

-executed the Royal Family

-executed 450 members of the Batth party who opposed his evil ways.

-his family and government then became one with tons of grand palaces. 

-started a twenty year war with Iran

-gassed the Kurds in the north for allegedly siding with Iran.

-executed scientists who refused to work on WMDs.

-invaded Kuwait and executed their diplomats . The Saudis then hired the US to liberate them as they feared further annexing of saddam’s army.

-he then set thirty oil wells ablaze, causing the biggest intentional man-made environmental disaster next to Alberta's tar sands project. 

-he then broke promises made with the UN after this first Gulf war. It included the cancellation of the ‘oil for food’ program for his people.

-kicked out the UN weapons inspectors who were supposed to have undeniable access thanks to an agreement saddam made with them after the 1st Gulf war.

-at this point, everyone saw him as a threat, including NATO and the UN Security Council. Numerous global leaders saw him as a threat.

-But no one was willing to deal with him so the Americans and the British dealt with saddam when no one else would.

-after the invasion and following liberation, the Iraqi people cheered as his statue toppled to the ground.

-an Iraqi judge found saddam guilty of crimes against humanity and he was sentenced to hang.

-saddam is going down in history on the same list as hitler, bin laden, milosevich and numerous others.  Good vs evil.

So, salute to the thousands of brave and compassionate people who risked and gave their lives to help stabilize one of the world’s most politically unstable places on the globe.

And lets bring back the cultural and intelligent place it once was.


One of the biggest issues facing earth right now is that of agriculture and how we can increase food production to feed the million more mouths that are born every five days on earth.

There are so many simple and inexpensive advances in agriculture that would be so useful every where such as holy hose technology that targets the root of the plant and little solar run water pumps. 

These things combined with compost soil programs, and it would be a good start. 

Good soil is made from compost of organic materials that tons of developed countries throw into land fills every day of the year.  

We need to quit fighting and focus on that.

We also need to figure out how we can get earth off of the brown energy economy and onto an economy that is more sustainable for our current climate reality and quickly changing and populated world.


Novel by Liz about saddam and the 1998 issues with Iraq.


In this TV program, David Jeremiah predicts that Babylon, Iraq will be the next financial empire. 

I think the prediction maybe based Iraq's potential for solar farms.  

The potential for solar energy in Iraq is astronomical and now green energy can be stored in batteries and hydrogen tanks.